Wonderful Wool

Wool is a durable and resilient fiber that is naturally superior to synthetic fibers. Its natural, de-lustered, gentle light reflection will give any space an elegant and peaceful atmosphere. Not only is wool naturally soil and stain resistant, it also helps moderate temperature and humidity by absorbing and releasing moisture as needed. Wool is non-allergenic and does not promote the growth of bacteria or dust mites.

Wonderful Wool is a 10th gauge, 42 oz tip-shear construction made from 100% New Zealand Wool. 



Brilliant Broadloom

At Legacy Mills, quality is a given. We are NOT the low cost alternative. We are the high quality alternative. We focus on quality manufacturing and quality customer service to achieve one of the lowest claims ratio in the industry.  (less than 1%)  

Our type 6.6 nylon, tip-shear construction is the ideal product for a commercial setting that needs a durable carpet able to stand the test of time.



Custom is an excellent way to get a design to look just the way you want it. We make custom easy. All we need to know is what you want, then it is our job to get it done for you. We do all of the hard work, leaving you free to do other things. 

Maybe you have a special need within the facility. Perhaps it's a funny angle where the corridors meet. maybe you need a special width to cut down on seams. We have even done curved staircases and made the pattern line up.

We love a good challenge! 

Anything is possible with Industrial Strength Creativity.