Legacy Mills is a third generation carpet manufacturer located in Chattanooga, TN. We specialize in printed carpet and custom carpets. We are the same Hagaman family who have been producing carpets since 1958.

Carl Hagaman  -  Danube Carpet  -  1958-1984 
Carl won a carpet mill in a poker game and sold it to Shaw many years later.

Dan Hagaman  -  Hagaman Carpet  -  1985-2015
Hagaman Carpet specialized in printed carpet. After 5 decades in the carpet industry, Dan became an aviator and sold Hagaman Carpet to Nourison, where Hagaman Carpet products are still a running line. 

Michael Hagaman  -  Legacy Mills  -  2013 - Present
At 40, Michael is too young to quit, and too old to become an astronaut. Besides, carpet is fun when you know how. 

Our relationships are long-term and meaningful. Many of our customers are multiple generation companies, and most of our vendors are as well.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve our customers. Our commitment to their success is the key to our success.

Lets create a Legacy together.